Saturday, 22 February 2014

Book: Rematch by Janine Caldwell

I received a copy of Rematch, book 1 of The Vortex, in exchange for my review.

Trent isn't your average 18 year old, instead he is able to travel through time, but unfortunately he has no control over his ability and he ends up jumping at random points, leaving his life constantly interrupted. Up until this jump, when he saved 11 year old Cassie Moore, he has never had anything that he always wanted to be around for, but the stunning ex-Tennis player has captured his heart in the present, where they are both seniors at the same school. Though Lorelei, Trent's sister, advises him to stay away from her, something draws the two of them together in a way that he can't deny.

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I had one, tiny, issue with this book, and that was that in the first section (of three) it wasn't clear who was narrating what chapter from the title (it was however clear from the content of the chapters so it wasn't a major issue). I did really like the way that you got to see both Cassie and Trent's views of the situation, particularly when Trent is away on a 'mission'.

The concept is brilliant, I really liked the way that Trent had to learn on the job, and I equally enjoyed the idea that the siblings were being hunted in the present for his powers, it added a thrill to the story that was very different from the 'forbidden' romance story line.

It is one of those books where it is clear from the beginning that the characters are going to be together, I'm still not totally sure how that is going to happen, but I'm looking forward to finding out! Well so long as Trent isn't an idiot again. At one point I was getting ready to yell at my Kindle to tell him he is being an idiot (I didn't but mainly because I was on the bus at the time).

I'm excited to see what else this series brings!