Saturday, 15 February 2014

Book: Redemption in Love by Nadia Lee

I received a copy of Redemption in Love, book 3 of Hearts on the Line, in exchange for my review.

Amandine and Gavin have been married for three years, and yet Amandine feels as if there is something missing in their marriage. Gavin is a generous man, buying her gifts and making sure her every whim is catered for, and their chemistry in bed is amazing. Well it is when Gavin is around. As a workaholic he barely seems to have time for his wife, and now that she has discovered that she's pregnant she decides that enough is enough, announcing that she wants a divorce. The thought of Amandine leaving him leaves Gavin heart broken, and she eventually agrees to a 4 month reconciliation attempt...

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I lost track of the amount of times that in my head I said 'Oh Gavin you idiot' to the main character. The way he was written made it clear to the reader that he was madly in love with his wife, even if he didn't realise that that is what it was.

I thought that the book took on a completely different tone to that of the first two books, Vengeful in Love and Reunited in Love which was probably to do with the differences between the characters. I.e. in Redemption in Love the characters are already married, and aren't falling in love, rather realising that they are. Plus both Amandine and Gavin are different from the other leads.

Amandine in particular was different, mainly because she wasn't what you would automatically call a strong female character. Though in my opinion she was, but more on that in a moment. Up until the start of the book she had always just let what happened in her marriage happen, but then she realises that she can't live like that and she begins to grow, and she becomes stronger. It is that strength that made her such a likable and readable character, and a completely different to the other fiery characters that you often get as the lead women in this genre.

Something else great about this book was the fact that it really took female friendship into account, there was a very real relationship given off by Brooke and Amandine which is something that is often left out of books, particularly in the romance genre. You do also see it with some of the male characters, particularly the relationship between Gavin and his brother Ethan.

Oh and the chemistry between the two lead characters was absolutely explosive, despite their problems! I had my fingers crossed for them the entire way through the book!