Thursday, 20 February 2014

Book: One Kiss by Lisa Fox

I received a copy of One Kiss from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Dean and Kat are best friends, and one New Year they make their way to a party. Dean has recently broken up with his French model girlfriend, and Kat has been set up on a blind date with Eric. But when it appears that Eric isn't what she is looking for, it is up to Dean to save her. With midnight approaching, and neither of them have anyone to kiss, they decide to kiss each other. Both of them realise that the kiss means something more than just two friends. Back at Kat's home things go even further, until Kat gets freaked out by Dean's sincerity about their relationship. After leaving her alone, both Dean and Kat think, and realise that they love each other already, and can't leave things as they are. Dean returns to Kat's flat to find her gone, she's gone to find him and explain why they wouldn't work, but when she attempts to tell him the reasons why, they get more carried and Kat has to accept that she cares.

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I was really in the mood for a romance, and this was such a good choice! The concept is a pretty straight forward one, two close friends have a sizzling amount of chemistry, but have never acted upon it because of the potential for ruining their friendship. Then one New Year they kiss and it leads to more. What I liked the way that the author went about this was that the characters actually thought about what the effect a relationship could have on their friendship, which is something that a lot of the best friends turned life partners don't seem to actually think about!

This was only a quick read, but I thought that it captured the characters well, meaning that you got more of a sense of who Kat and Dean are than in other similar books, which was both refreshing and useful! In this case I felt that the characters were more relateable than many of the 'perfect' ones you get in a lot of romance. On top of that, you actually got the reasons why they were messing up relationships.

Overall a fantastic quick romantic read, would definitely recommend it!