Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Book: Make You See Stars by Jocelyn Han

I received a copy of Make You See Stars in exchange for my review. It is the sequel to Fly You to the Moon.

Tori has left her home and family on Mars to make her own way at one of the space stations around Saturn. Having been brought up as the daughter of the Great German ambassador she's led a privileged life, but has never felt that she has never quite conformed like her parents want her to, particularly regarding her music and fashion tastes. Once on the station she discovers that Alen, the Chief of Security seems to be attracted to her, and the feeling is mutual, though they both have pasts that they need to overcome before they can truly accept their relationship with one another.

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Firstly I'd just like to make a comment about the title of the series, Stardust Erotic Romance. If you are put off by the erotic in the series title then don't be. There are sex scenes in the book, and in the first one too, but they are in no means the focus of the story, and for that reason, and the fact that they aren't actually all that often, I wouldn't class this book in the erotic category. I just don't want people put off this amazing series just because they think its all sex!

The chemistry between Alen and Tori was particularly well written, when they could feel the tension then the reader could too, and yet it wasn't quite as clear cut as all that. There was the respect and emotion that the pair built up between them along with the physical chemistry, and they worked on those before they had a physical relationship. I thought that that worked far better than the jump into bed type romances you can get.

The sci-fi elements have been upped in this book too, I believe that I noted in my review of the first book that the book wasn't actually necessarily sci-fi orientated and could have happened anywhere. This one was definitely not the case. Admittedly there are no aliens, but there is a lot more in the way of space travel, research and sciencey stuff. I really enjoyed reading it.

I was also impressed by the relationship that the female characters had to one another. Tori had female (well and one male) friends, who she didn't get rid of as soon as Alen came on the scene. I thought that that was much more reflective than real life and I really did get the feeling of a bond between the three girls, which made reading even better.

There was also one other thing that I constantly find myself commenting on in books, politics. There was a depth of political plot that you don't always come across in books, and I always enjoy reading about the intrigues and set ups. The politics in Make You See Stars isn't heavy, but it is there.