Sunday, 16 February 2014

Book: Fly You to the Moon by Jocelyn Han

I received a copy of Fly You to the Moon from Netgalley.

After the death of her father, Ava has to move to the moon, under the eye of her guardian, and half-Uncle, Nic. Not expecting Nic to be so young, or to have different ideas to the rest of the Elite living on the Moon, Ava feels an instant and forbidden attraction for him. An attraction that seems to be reciprocated, and yet is denied by them both. After a couple of charged slip ups, where they come close to having what they want, can they manage to end up together, or is their forbidden romance doomed?

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When I read the blurb for this book I hadn't actually expected Ava and Nic to be blood relations (so if you feel weird about that kind of thing then this probably isn't the book for you!) and yet for some reason it wasn't actually weird. I think that that might have something to do with the fact of how Ava and Nic saw each other, which certainly wasn't as Uncle and Niece. Saying that though, there were moments when they did think about the implications of their relationship, and without those I would probably find the whole relationship completely unrealistic.

I liked the way that when Ava moved to the moon she stayed in contact with her best friend. So often you find that when main characters move places they seem to have no ties to their old home, which actually seems kind of strange now I come to think of it. The one issue that I had with the best friend siuation was that she didn't seem to find it at all weird that Ava admitted to fancying her Uncle. A trait that seemed to be shared by all of the characters who knew or suspected about Ava and Nic's attraction for one another.

This story could have taken place in just about any setting, but the author chose a sci-fi themed one. I thought that she struck a really good balance between an interesting sci-fi environment, and what life could really be like in 150 odd years. I really liked the world that Han created, and I want to know more about it!

I realise that my review possibly sounds a little more critical than normal, which is odd considering that I enjoyed this book! They are more like observations in my mind anyway!