Sunday, 23 February 2014

Book: Double Fault by Janine Caldwell

I received a copy of Double Fault, book 2 in The Vortex Series, in exchange for my review.

Now able to control his time jumps, Trent went back to the day he originally saved Cassie and saved her 'properly' now. At first Cassie didn't remember him, but after reading her old journal, Cassie falls completely back in love with Trent. But things aren't as good as Trent thought they would be, while Cassie's tennis career is a success, her personal life is falling apart, and her relationship with Jeff was far more real than it was originally. When Dr. Ethan Fox, the man who has been searching for Trent his whole life, finds Cassie, he kidnaps her to make Trent come to him...

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Well I think it is safe to say that that was even better than the first book! And I didn't think that that was going to be possible! In addition I thought that it was a fantastic ending, part of it even confirmed a theory that I had about Cassie, which is going to make the third book extremely interesting (I have it up on my Kindle now!)

I love the depth and complexity that surrounds the characters and their relationships, particularly relating to the complexities of teenage relationships, particularly the dynamic between Cassie, Trent and Jeff, which was both tense and frustrating! I can't say I actually liked Jeff anymore in this book, even if he did seem to be a more genuine person.

There was less sci-fi and more thrill in this book, particularly relating to Cassie's kidnapping, which certainly added an element of adventure. I thought that that made the book particularly fast paced, but still managed to get the same level of characterisation that I loved.

Loving these books so far, I feel that I have to read the third book now!