Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Book: A Countess by Chance by Kate McKinley

I received a copy of A Countess by Chance from Netgalley.

It has been two years since Olivia left Adam for someone else, and now they are forced back into each others arms during the season. Adam is determined to win her back, and uses her practice of gambling to do it, increasing the wager each time. Little does Adam know that Olivia still harbours feelings for him, and she didn't leave him by choice in the first place...

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I was impressed with the depth that the characters managed to attain considering that A Countess by Chance was only novella length. Particularly with Olivia. She had the family sense of responsibility that was so common in the Regency era. It even got in the way of Olivia's love life.

In an odd way I thought that the fact that the characters had a past together before the book itself started, actually worked. If you had said to me before about it being like that then I would have been dubious, but having read it I think I've changed my mind!

Something else period related was the pressures of marrying by a certain age, and maintaining a good reputation (issues for Anabelle and Olivia respectively). As well as taking into account the trapping of men into marriage.

All in all a very enjoyable historical romance.