Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Book: Blood Guilt by Marie Treanor

I received a copy of Blood Guilt from Netgally.

Mihaela and Maximilian should be sworn enemies, a hunter and a vampire, and yet there is some kind of strange attraction between the two of them. While on holiday in Scotland, Mihaela sees a young boy, Robbie, being followed by some vampires, including the one that she went searching for, the one who killed her family. Without really knowing why, both Maximilian and Mihaela are drawn to the boy, Robbie, and when he is kidnapped they realise that they have to save him...together. After following Maximilian to his home, the pair have an explosive evening that neither of them ever imagined...

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 I am going to admit to being a bit superficial right now, the thing that attracted me to read Blood Guilt was the cover, it just looks so good! And I'm glad that I was! I really enjoyed it!

Mihaela is a damaged woman, whose had a hard life as a vampire hunter, and she is both confused and scared by the idea of working closely with Maximilian, but not just that, she's scared of the connection that there is between them. Though it starts off as just a physical connection, it is clear from the beginning that there was more than just that between the two characters. And the chemistry was something!

One thing that this book certainly didn't lack was action, at the same time as carrying out a successful love story that is! Right from the first chapter there were fight scenes and danger, both of which really helped this to be a page turner!

Something I did notice, was that for a novel length book, there weren't a large number of side characters, the cast was actually kept very small. I found that this wasn't a bad thing, particularly as the story was much more focused on Mihaela and Maximilian, with a bit of their relations with Robbie!

I really enjoyed Blood Guilt, and am looking forward to reading the next book!