Saturday, 8 February 2014

Blog Tour & Giveaway: From Thine Own Well by Norm Hamilton

I received a copy of From Thine Own Well in exchange for my review.

For years Canada has been subject to the Agreement, which protects foreign countries from Canadian laws and regulations. Many companies have taken advantage of this and have set up various extraction plants all around, with very little care as to the consequences of their actions. When Keira, a young girl, dies of cyanide poisoning, a group of local people begin to more publicly question the role of the ruling party in the destruction of Canada.

This was a very interesting book, though it wasn't like the normal character orientated books that I tend to be drawn to. Saying that though, the characters were all fully formed, fleshed out and were real feeling enough that it wasn't a detriment to the story. This was helped by the fact that several of the characters did have noticeable changes, most notably Paddy, who went into depression after the death of his daughter (Keira) and then changed again into the person that did his final scene of the book (which is all I'm saying, don't want to ruin anything!)

Though the book wasn't all that big on the characters, there were two big issues that were dealt with. The first was fracking and other potentially dangerous forms of energy extraction, and the risks that they pose, particularly to the environment, but also to human health, This is a highly current issue, and I was pleased to see that a current issue has made its way into fiction, particularly in a way that tells of the dangers of doing such works.

The other major issue was corporatisation. I've read books before where corporations have taken the place of countries, and this one was no different in the way that it was scary. Not in an edge of your seat kind of scary, but rather that you can see how the world that Hamilton has created could exist if today's culture goes too far.

All in all an interesting book, with some interesting, and kind of worrying, themes.

Noxious substances in the watershed brings a society to its knees; fracking by oil companies has taken its toll.

Canadian society has been altered, seemingly irrevocably; water resources have become scarce and individual freedoms cast off. 

It is now 2036, only 24 years since the most devastating of a series of international accords, one simply known as The Agreement, set the precedent for many that followed – effectively causing the federal government to collapse into ruin and dependency on corporatist rule. 

Unrestricted fracking and irresponsible mining practices have caused major watersheds and underground streams to become contaminated, the precious fluid - noxious. 

The sole purpose of The Coalition, a regulatory body created by the world-wide conglomerates that took over the governing of the country is to ensure the profitability of its corporate members. 

In Yukon, Canada’s far north, a baker’s dozen of unknown, everyday people and one dog are loosely thrown together in an effort to combat The Coalition and its impact on Canadian lives and the environment. 

Join Landon, Nora, Galen and the others who, through no design of their own, have become the unknown hope for Canada’s future. Will they prevail in the small jurisdiction they reside in and set the bar for the rest of Canada? 

Only time will tell.
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Norm Hamilton (1951- ) lived in Whitehorse, Yukon for 40 years. In December 2012 he retired and is currently on Vancouver Island with his wife, Anna, where he is meeting people and experiencing new adventures to write about. He trusts that retirement will afford him the time to delve further into his writing. This photographer, freelance writer, copy-editor, proofreader and novelist is currently enjoying Lake Cowichan, B.C.

Norm’s latest project is a novel titled, "From Thine Own Well," a story about a dystopian Canadian society brought about by unrestricted gas fracking and irresponsible mining techniques. It all began with a FIPA agreement in 2012 that left the federal government open to lawsuits - that they lost. This book is available as a paperback on Amazon, and as an eBook on Amazon Smashwords, Kobo and other online retailers.

Norm has written one non-fiction book, "The Digital Eye." It is a compilation of articles for people wanting to improve their photography skills or for those who want to learn digital photography. This book is available as a paperback on Amazon, and as an eBook on Amazon Smashwords, Kobo and other online retailers.


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