Monday, 17 February 2014

Blog Tour: The Celibate Succubus by Barton Paul Levenson

I received a copy of The Celibate Succubus in exchange for my review.

Delilah is a Succubus, born in hell, and with the mission in life to tempt as many men into temptation as possible. When a mission doesn't go to plan, Delilah realises that she doesn't want to be tempting people her whole life, and in fact she would much rather help people than damn them. She quickly becomes a part of Team Packer, a Catholic secret organisation that fights against the demons of hell.

This book had such an interesting concept, namely the idea of whether or not things were born good or evil, on top of the fact that they are born with original sin. Most of the characters in the book are Christian, and the majority Catholic, and though there were most definitely an on going theme of Christianity throughout the book, I was pleased to see that this wasn't to the exclusion of other religions, and it was even mentioned that other faiths had some power with regards to demons. It is refreshing to read a book surrounding Christianity didn't just belittle other religions, as some can end up doing, whether consciously or not.

Delilah was certainly an interesting character, though 16 in Earth years (and in appearance) she had the mentality of someone much older than her years (due to her up bringing in Hell) and ultimately a lot of her choices seem to be linked back to what she wishes she had had.

Its important to mention that there are no sex scenes in The Celibate Succubus, though there are references to sex acts, and certain less desirable things to read about, such as child abuse, but none of it is particularly central, and it is just mentions.

There was quite a bit of action in this book as well, which came hand in hand with the fact that Delilah was a sort of spy/secret agent, I'm not really all that sure which of those fits best. But also she can fly, and not only is that cool, but really helpful in the undercover stuff! And it played a big part in the ending, which I certainly didn't see coming!

The Celibate Succubus
Barton Paul Levenson

Genre: YA Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

ISBN-13: 978-1-935460-58-9
ISBN-10: 1-935460-58-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-935460-59-6
ISBN-10: 1-935460-59-5

Cover Artist Cassie Larish

“Team Packer” is a covert Catholic strike team against supernatural evil with a secret weapon in its arsenal: 16-year-old Delilah Vincentio—the world’s only Christian succubus. Trained by demons to despise humanity and lead them into sin, her unprecedented capacity for mercy caused her to renounce her place in Hell—and gain an angelic referral to Team Packer.

Delilah is assigned to infiltrate the Order of the Lightbringer, a Satanic cult that plans to make Pittsburgh a test site for the Apocalypse. After Delilah’s identity is almost discovered, Team Packer sends her to high school to hide out until things cool down.

But while Delilah may be reformed from her beguiling ways, she’s still very much a demon—and she hasn’t learned how to play well with others. In fact, trying to fit in and keep a low profile at high school may prove to be a tougher battle than bringing down the Order of the Lightbringer.

“The demons in Hell are secretly defecting and pushing their infernal realm towards Heaven in a handcart! This story kept me riveted from start to finish—a ride and a half !”—Adele Abbot, author, Postponing Armageddon and Of Machines & Magics

“His name is almost like mine, he’s no relation, and he writes a kind of YA Fantasy all his own. Fast-moving, knowledgeable, historical, spiritual, heroic, Barton Paul Levenson’s Celibate Succubus is good reading at any age.” —Paul Levinson, author, The Plot to Save Socrates and Unburning Alexandria

About the Author:

Barton Paul Levenson’s novels include Max & Me, Year of the Human, Ella the Vampire, I Will and Parole. Mr. Levenson’s short fiction has appeared in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, ChiZine, Cricket, Cicada, The New York Review of Science Fiction, and many other publications. An original member of the Pittsburgh Worldwright’s writing workshop created by Mary Soon Lee, Barton has published more than 60 short stories, poems, and essays. He is also a two-time winner of the Parsec Short Story Contest.

Levenson holds a degree in physics and writes prolifically about everything  from fictional works to radiative-convective models of planetary atmospheres. He has also learned to speak French, Spanish, Russian, German, New  Testament Greek, and Japanese (though, he confesses, not well enough to converse with native speakers). Mr. Levenson is married to genre poet Elizabeth Penrose and lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he confuses everybody by being both a born-again Christian and a liberal Democrat.

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