Sunday, 9 February 2014

Blog Event: Saving Rapunzel by Jamie Campbell

I reviewed Saving Rapunzel for A Backwards Story's A Week of Rapunzel.

What if the evil witch wasn't actually evil? What if everything she did was to try and save the little girl left in her care? That is what happens when the Kingdom is besieged and Thalia is made to promise the Queen that she will keep her daughter safe until it was safe to return. But as Rapunzel grows older she gets restless in the tower, and starts to clash with Thalia about going outside, but when she starts talking to a handsome blonde knight from her window, Thalia decides to take drastic action, which could have severe consequences.

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This is only a novella, so is a quick read, and of all the fairy tale retellings I've read it is probably the most faithful to the original. You have most of the classic components of the Rapunzel fairy tale (though without the Grimm's blinding and pregnancy), yet with the twist of what the witch thinks. I liked the way that Thalia was shown to be fairly logical in her reasons behind doing what she did, especially considering that as the recipient, Rapunzel would probably see them as her being 'evil'.

Also another side note, never read of a red-headed Rapunzel before! I liked it! I also liked the fact that all of the female characters in the story (which is most of the characters it must be said!) were all strong and independent people. They didn't need the men around them, and seemed to be respected by those around them.

I really enjoyed this, a quick read but a different look at the story of Rapunzel!