Sunday, 9 February 2014

Blog Event: Fallen Kisses by M A Thomas

I am reviewing Fallen Kisses for A Backwards Story's A Week of Rapunzel blog event.

Zel has been saved from her tower by Fallen Angel, Xavier, but there is still a long road ahead of them. The witch that trapped Zel in the tower in the first place still wants her back, and Zel has to control her jealousy over Xavier's tryst with Lela which saved her life. But add to that that the vampires seem to think that her long golden hair makes her their new source of mortality, and happily ever after becomes much more difficult than Zel first thought...

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Just as a warning, this is an adult retelling of Rapunzel, and has sexually explicit scenes that aren't suitable for younger readers. But saying that, if you took out the sex scenes (which thankfully aren't every other page anyway!) you would still be left with a plot, and an enjoyable plot at that!

Though there are many differences between Zel and the traditionally story of Rapunzel, most notably that Fallen Kisses is set after the original rescue from the tower, and that all possible subsequent rescues involve Zel herself taking the initiative to try and escape herself. If she'd been the simpering/needed to constantly be rescued type of Rapunzel I think I would probably have lost patience!

The way the worlds of all of the different paranormal creatures in Fallen Kisses wove together worked well I thought, especially with who was working with who. Added to that not all of the same kind were good or bad, it was a mix, making it much more enjoyable and realistic to read. Well other than the fact that Fallen Angels and vampires don't actually exist.

If you can look past the sex scenes then I would say that this was a retelling of Rapunzel that is worth your attention! Plus its only a quick read!