Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Serial: The Dreamer by Zachary Bonelli

I received a copy of The Dreamer from the author, it is episode 8 of the +Insomnium serial.

Nel, Gin and Rev are continueing on their journey to discover a way out of Nowhere, and to do that they have to discover just who it is that is the Dreamer. But that shocking revelation leads to the trio having to make a choice, between going after Drogl and saving everyone or letting Drogl complete his plan, and save themselves!

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This episode made clear to me what Drogl's perogative is (himself...not that that was surprising at all!) and it made me think about whether or not the character could be described as evil. I've decided not, though he is selfish and brutal, I have come to believe that he is a product of his world, as opposed to evil through and through. I do, however, retain the right to completely change my opinion!

There was something that I noticed regarding Nel and Gin too, just something small, and probably missable really! But Nel reached out to put his arms around Gin. As I just said, this is a ridiculously small thing, but it is a brilliant example of the attention that Bonelli pays to detail!

Now I've got to episode 8 I have a slight note to add about cliff hangers. In his previous serial+Voyage: Embarkation Bonelli created self contained stories, whereas so far Insomnium has seemed to be much more of one story, with cliff hangers in each episodes!