Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Book: A Victory That Counts by Ioana Visan

I received a copy of A Victory That Counts from the author.

Having discovered the existence of the New Breed Vampires, Liana has gone to New Zealand in order to try and destroy them. Refusing to stay behind in Romania, Jesse has gone with her. As soon as Liana and vampire, Max, get a lead, they make a trip into town, but as soon as they do, there is an attack on base camp which decimates the numbers of the Pandurs and the Vampires. But it also highlights a much bigger issue; the New Breeds are organising themselves like never before.

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Just like the first book in the series, I found that it was very easy to get lost in! This book is full of depth, and a lot more action than the previous book.

I thought that it was interesting to see how Liana's attitude towards vampires has changed, particularly compared to the hatred that she had previously. In this book she not only works closely with Max and Radu (former Little Council memember, and vampire), but she encourages her men to work together with them, a drastic change in her attitude.

There was also a focus on Liana's role as a leader, which she is now in the New Zealand campaign. At first she just feels useless, but as the book progresses she recognises herself as more of a leader, and develops into the kind that is unable to abandon her troops, no matter the consequences.

Because of the focus on the action, the relationship between Jesse and Liana isn't overly focused on. But there were a few things worth noting, they both seem to have overwhelming urges to protect each other, and they seem to have become quite dependent on each other. Again this is quite a big change from Liana's previous attitude in the first book!

This is a series that you should check out!