Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Book: Tango Love by Nicole Flockton

I received a copy of Tango Love from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Melinda and James have been roomates for 2 years, and for two years of that, Melinda has really wanted to make James her own. Then on one night out, when she starts making eyes at another man, James sweeps her into a Tango, her favourite dance. The chemistry continues to sizzle when they get home, but after a charged night together, Melinda wakes heartbroken and alone. Are things meant to be, or is their flat share doomed to end?

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I don't think that I really have that much to say about Tango Love. It was only short and it was enjoyable but there was nothing particularly unique about it. It is the classic story that is often used of two housemates falling for each other and finally making a move.

Though saying that, I did like the tension that James' disappearance brought out, though I think that the outcome of that was pretty obvious to anyone reading!

But this book did contain a fantastically written tango, I'm still a little confused about why a tango played in a club at all, but ignoring that then it was well written and you could almost feel the chemistry jumping off the page.

All in all, I enjoyed Tango Love as a quick, easy and none too absorbing read, though if you're looking for depth then this isn't really the book for you.