Friday, 24 January 2014

Book: Sky Hunter by Chris Reher

I received a copy of Sky Hunter from the author.

Nova is a pilot for the Union, and the only female pilot on her squad, which is garrisoned on a planet where the Union is still fighting Rebels. After a run in with Beryl, one of the officers, Nova is deployed to do ground work and ends up captured by rebels. While captured she helps with the medical care of all of the injured people with very little equipment or supplies, and in doing so she meets Djari. After escaping and returning to base, Nova's squad is sent to the new Sky ranch, where Djari has applied to work, and the two quickly begin a relationship. But things aren't always as straight forward as they seem, and soon Nova uncovers things that she wishes weren't true.

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I'm so frustrated right now! One of the major things that I liked about this book and I can't even hint at it because it could spoil a pretty big plot point! Though along the same vein, the relationships between the various characters that Reher has created are so believable and detailed that I couldn't help but be drawn into them. And that goes for relationships, friends, enemies, working relationships...the lot!

Still on the subject of characters; Nova. Now, I've made it pretty obvious that I love strong female characters, and Nova was certainly one of those! Fiery, determined, and brave, she never let anything bad stop her from getting her job done. Just the kind of heroine I like!

I'm still undecided as to which 'side' was in the right, the Rebels or the Union. But I thought that Reher did a fantastic job of making a point that there is good and bad in ever side, particularly in regards to Beryl and his cronies, which I think definitely counts as a skill!

My final point about Sky Hunter is just at the inclusion of a romance. It may not sound like a big deal, but one of the reasons I avoided sci-fi for so long was because of the tendency towards masculine story lines (well and a lack of female characters). Thus making Sky Hunter a good sci-fi choice on multiple counts!

Sky Hunter was action packed, with a lot of other things thrown in there too!