Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Book: Relentless by Cassia Leo

I received a copy of Relentless from Netgalley.

Claire ran away from her past life three months ago, holding her secrets close to her chest. While living her new life, Claire meets Adam, an equally troubled young man trying to escape the past. As their relationship grows, the secrets come out, including the fact that Claire's ex boyfriend is none other than the rock star, Chris Knight. Can their budding relationship survive.

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I loved this book! I wanted to read a romance and what I wasn't expecting was the depth and complexity that Relentless gave me. Both in the story line itself and in the characters.

I really got the feeling that the characters were normal people, which is what I want from my contemporary romances, but there was also a certain level of drama involved. This particularly revolved around Claire's secret regarding her relationship with Chris Knight, and what a twist that turned out to be! It was hinted at but never explicitly stated until close to the end of the book, which did end up making the reveal particularly dramatic!

I loved it all, and am really looking forward to carrying on the drama and the story!