Saturday, 11 January 2014

Book: The Rain Rebirth by Amos Cassidy

I received beta copy of The Rain: Rebirth in exchange for my thoughts in December 2013.

Jake was happy with his London life until a tragic event took his partner away from him. Wanting to escape, Jake impulsively buys a house in an British seaside town with a tight knit community. What he doesn't bargain on is the other community that coexists under the surface, the community that he is a part of whether he likes it or not. Jake has a destiny, and he has to fulfill it!

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Definitely feel that I say this after every Amos Cassidy book that I read but wow. The story completely dragged me in, and to be honest its a good job that I wasn't asked to check the grammar or anything, because I just didn't notice it! Becoming an editor probably isn't a good career path for me! I think that that does say a lot about how easy it was to get dragged into The Rain: Rebirth and Jake's story, and quite frankly I'm still wanting more!

The characters were engaging and diverse, though I did feel that there was a smaller cast of characters than in the previous books I've read by the authors. Saying that, I don't think that that was a fault, in fact I would say the opposite, the characters were all detailed and full of life. Just the kind of characters that I like to read about! (I am not by any stretch of the imagination saying that the characters in the Crimson series are less developed because that would be a lie!)

I thought that the way in which the legend of King Arthur was woven into the story was clever and unique, there were a couple of changes to the story that I have never heard/read being used before (though I won't tell you what they are, that would be spoiling the surprise), and the way in which they are told, through Phoebe (a dragon), makes it so that Jake learns what he needs to at the right time, and that he doesn't just acquire the knowledge all at once, which I think is quite often a mistake that authors make. It was honestly refreshing to have a character learn things slowly!

Though I just mentioned that Jake learned the important information slowly, I do need to point out that there is absolutely nothing slow paced about this book! There is action throughout and you do honestly just keep turning pages! Well worth the read!