Monday, 20 January 2014

Book: Complete Circle by Roxanne Rhoads

Since the death of her maker in the 1700s, Lissette has sworn off men, not allowing them near her. Now working in a high end strip club with her lover, and succubus, Cassandra, she feels at least a little content. But on this one night she notices a guy with startling eyes, and he brings out more of her vampiric nature than before, as well as making her feel desire lie she hasn't in a long time.

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Complete Circle contains scenes of a sexually explicit nature for most of the first half of the story. After that there is other focuses, particularly on the lore behind the paranormal elements.

One particularly interesting piece of lore was that in the world that Rhoads has created, vampires, and incubuses) can reproduce. Which seems to me like it could create a number of interesting possibilities!

There was also mention of how the witch hunts affected the paranormal community, which is something that most paranormal stories don't even normally consider!

There is a lot of focus on sex in this book, but the concepts behind some of the lore have really intrigued me.