Thursday, 16 January 2014

Blog Tour: Windows A Broken Fairy Tale by Casey Bramble

I received a copy of Windows A Broken Fairy Tale in exchange for my review.

When the beautiful and noble Raven comes to Sarah's shop, she never expects that she wants to go into business with her. Sarah is quickly drawn into the Chandlish family, full of explosions, drama and intrigue. But Raven has a secret, that up until now she has only ever shared with Bekah, her body is also inhabited by a demon. Now with Sarah by her side, she hopes having two people able to identify the signs will help.

Sorry for the short synopsis, but this is one of those books where saying too much could ruin it!

Firstly let me state what a stunning cover this book has, it really draws you in! And I think that it actually has a pretty good link to the story, which isn't always the case with these books!

Something I really liked about this book was the unusual blend of the modern and the medieval. Everyone was running around using swords and magic, but they were doing it in jeans and tight tshirts. The way that the two things mashed together I thought worked quite well, and I haven't read anything quite like it before.

Though, I did keep getting slightly confused about who was who in it, because of all the nicknames that kept being used. I think I had it straight but it took a little while!

The other thing I particularly liked was the way that the relationship between Raven and Sarah grew. I've seen some reviews of this book that said that there wasn't any romance in it. My question is did they read the same thing I did because there was a definite, and fairly obvious, romance going on between the two main characters. I enjoyed being able to see a romance grow rather than the normal love at first sight in these things.

Title - Windows: A Broken Fairy Tale
Author - Casey Bramble
Genre - Young adult, fantasy, lesbian

Author Bio:  

I graduated from the University of North Alabama with degrees in English and Psychology.  I live in Florence with my husband and five year old son. Our son suffers from Alport's Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the kidneys, so 10% of all book sales go towards kidney research.  My two passions are football and reading.  Although I've recently started reading more fiction, most of the time I read historical non-fiction, particularly Gaelic and English history.  Which is why all my bios start out with how boring I am.

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Book Description:

Hush little baby don’t say a word
The Darkness hides in an ivory bird
But if that ivory bird can’t sing
That’s when the Witches’ Hammer swings.

-- Nursery rhyme

A year ago Sarah Petty could not dream of the life she now lived. In those days she was one of the downtrodden masses; an unremarkable body upon which the upper caste built their castles of gold. Luckier than most, she at least had her blacksmithing skills to keep a roof over her head, though she went hungry more often than not. All of that changed with one fatal decision.

She said yes.

Lady Raven Chandlish, a sorceress with a smile that lit up the night and enough magical power to level a city, asked Sarah to open a shop with her in a different duchy. After moving things felt like they were on a definite upswing. There was food in the cupboard, money in the bank, and someone she might be falling in love with. Sarah didn’t dare pinch herself just in case it was all a dream. Like all dreams, this sunlit world was a feeble defense against the encroaching darkness.

Buried deep within Raven’s soul was Malleus Maleficarum, an ancient demon that nearly destroyed the world twice before. Drawing on feelings stronger than the weapons she forged, Sarah learned to trust Raven could contain the demon. Malleus had other plans.

When enemies of the Chandlish family attacked, Malleus used a momentary distraction to take over Raven’s body. While hundreds of soldiers battled for the fate of cities, a terrified blacksmith battled for the fate of a world. With no hope of rescue, Sarah whispered into the leering face of madness, praying love would save her.