Saturday, 4 January 2014

Awakening News

Hello lovely readers!

As some of you may know, I have recently been writing short stories in a series called Awakening, about Sleeping Beauty basically, and I thought I would update you on what is going on with the moment I'm extending the original Awakening story (check out the Awakening tab to find it!) and am getting help to publish it! I'm super excited! Its already 6 times longer than it was, and I am loving writing! (Also if there are any budding artists on here that want to get their work on the front cover then give me a shout!

So, how's it being changed I hear you ask! Well you get a bit more detail about the night that Maia falls asleep, as well as some of her 'dreams' during that time, and her first meeting with Philip. And now I am working on what happens after she leaves the kingdom, as her new self, which is going to be never seen before!

And just to whet your appetite, here is one of the scenes that I have added into the original!

Let me know what you think!

Also I know I mentioned above that if any artist wants to add something to their portfolio/get their artwork on a book cover (and the offer still stands!) but I've been playing around with some ideas for covers as well, and would love to know anyone's thoughts! I know the covers are only simple, but that is what I wanted to go with! Plus, anything too complicated and you're pushing my artist ability!

These are just mock ups so do need some work still!

Been back at it, and have made what I think may be my favourite cover so far!

All the images I have been using originally come from, but I have been editing them to make them look different! 

And now I have two more, this time featuring masks rather than faces. 

In other, semi-related news, I also started writing a romance, I couldn't find anything I was in the mood to read, so I started writing what I wanted instead! So when it has a name I'll let you know more about it! Working title at the moment is simply the names of the two lead characters, Sophie & Dan, as exciting as that is!