Thursday, 5 December 2013

Serial: Prison State by Logan Rutherford

I received a copy of Prison State Episode 1 from Story Cartel in exchange for my review.

In the Prison State you can be sent to the Prison for something that you, or a family member did. Every six months there is an A-Day, where new prisoners are released and shot at. Max is one of those such prisoners, and is determined to survive. Raven is the Ino (short for Innocents) Princess, and unknown to her father, she spends A-Days trying to defend the prisoners by killing their attackers. But, as Max and Raven are about to find out, this A-day is going to be different.

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This is a short serial episode, and though it ends on a cliff hanger, I thought that as a whole it did manage to tell a complete story, or at the very least, it told the complete story of this particular A-Day.

To say that Prison State is only 30ish pages long, I actually got quite a good idea for the kind of society that the characters are living in, where people are kept in line through threats to their family and population within the prison itself is controlled by death. Basically the whole thing is controlled by the classic dystopian theme of fear.

Saying that, there are a lot of questions that are left unanswered by Prison State, though I do understand that it is the first episode and it is there to whet my appetite. Well it worked, I do now really want to know more!