Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Serial: Know Thyself by Zachary Bonelli

I received a copy of Know Thyself from the author in exchange for my review. Know Thyself is episode 5 of the +Insomnium serial.

Rev and Nel find themselves confused, they feel that they have forgotten something, or someone, but they can't quite put their fingers on who. They set off on a journey through the wards of Nowhere looking for a way to return their memories, and to return Gin to them.

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I did point out that I just wanted to keep reading the serial! And this is the third episode I've read this week (its a Thursday as I'm writing this). Once again, the vivid world of Nowhere is brought to life, and the characters are expanded on more.

Due to Gin's 'disappearance' in both a physical, and mental way (as in Nel and Rev don't even remember that she existed), she doesn't get much development in Know Thyself, and the same goes for Drogl, who has once more gone off to do his own thing. And so this episode particularly focuses on the development of Nel and Rev.

There were two things that particularly struck me as developed. The first is in relation to Rev and his acceptance of his sexuality. Ever since episode 2, Unnatural Desire, the other characters were made aware of Rev's sexuality, and the fact that he isn't very accepting of it, particularly as he comes from a society that Kal visited in the +Voyage: Embarkation serial which was very unaccepting of homosexuality.  In this episode Rev was able to speak about it more openly than before, but he was still ashamed of his sexuality, which is something that Nel is trying to help him do. This is a big development from pure denial which is where he was previously!

The other main development that struck me in Know Thyself was the feelings that Nel has for Gin. Though he has no recollection of who she is, he did know that he was missing someone that he cared about, and the feelings that he showed when he saw the Other portraying Mika (his girlfriend left back on Earth) further show the development of his feelings. This was an interesting way to show the changes, and I liked it. I am definitely routing for Gin and Nel!

Loving the serial so far, can't wait to discover what happens next!