Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Serial: Ego Altered by Zachary Bonelli

Merry Christmas dear readers!

Ego Altered is episode 6 of the +Insomnium serial. I received a copy of Ego Altered from the author.

In their quest to find Gin, Nel and Rev make their way into the ward of the Didact. Whilst there they are separated from each other and sent to their respective Earths. There they encounter political problems that were not present when they were last there and have to come up with a way to escape. While figuring it out, Rev remembers that he has Gin's computer and begins to Metataxically travel between the worlds of the four humans in Nowhere (Gin, Rev, Nel and Drogl). Eventually finding Gin again, the three are reunited in their search to get away from Nowhere.

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Wow. I normally enjoy Bonelli's serial episodes, but this one took it to a whole new level! Whereas before all of the characters were in a world that was completely unknown to them, this time you get to see the three central characters in their own worlds. And I tell you it packs a powerful punch.

I will admit that I actually started getting a bit emotional when I started to read about Gin's past, and what was keeping her locked in the Ward, it added so much more to her character, as well as strengthening the bond between her and her two male companions.

It also had an affect on Nel, who after seeing what haunted her, still thought that she was beautiful but that he should concentrate on being there for her and supporting her. I thought that this seemed to take a big step in their relationship, making it about more than just physical attraction, which is what I want in romantic relationships between characters!

Up until the previous episode I'd kind of seen Rev as a bit of a background character, he was just there with them rather than a central part of the plot. My view has completely changed in the past two episodes. I thought that his version of Iarth, which he visited in this episode, it was clear just how much he had grown from his past self, as in he accepts his sexuality, and even broadcasts the fact. I thought that it showed he had a great strength of character in reality!

I really enjoyed this episode! Certainly a worthy review of Christmas Day!