Monday, 23 December 2013

Book: The Winter by A Ka

I received a copy of The Winter, part one of Issac the Fortunate from +Zachary Bonelli on behalf of Fuzzy Hedgehog.

Beltran is left alone in his village in Aragon when he is come upon by two travelers. He is left devastated by the death of his wife, and when he is given the opportunity to do something about it, he jumps at it. He is sent back in time to the day she died and is told that in order to save Ama he must save everyone from the disease known as the Delirium. The first time he drinks the potion too soon, the second he only saves his village and not Spain as a whole...can he do it better the third time, to save his wife, his village and his country?

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I would like to first point out that I have an advanced copy of The Winter, and therefore have not seen any of the artwork that will be included in the final version. In fact the copy I have has a different cover to the one shown above! I'll add a photo of it here. However, I have previously seen examples of the author's artwork, most notably in the +Voyage: Embarkation serial by Zachary Bonelli, and so I feel that I can safely say that the artwork will be amazing!

The story itself was particularly engaging, and though it may seem a bit heartless to say this, I don't think that Beltran's wife, Ama, deserved him! She didn't show him the support that she should have done, and her whole character just made me dislike her a bit, though I am not too sure that I can actually explain that one! Beltran, though his reasons were slightly selfish, did genuinely seem to want to help the people, and that made his character endearing.

I was slightly surprised at how small a part Issac actually played, especially considering that the series title is Issac the Fortunate, and even when he was about it was his wife, whose name I'm not too sure is known yet, who took centre stage. However I think that this may have some meaning related to the series as a whole, so rather than confusing me it has actually intrigued me!

I really enjoyed The Winter, and am looking forward to the next installment, though that means having to wait until Spring! Oh and did I mention that The Winter was only released 2 days ago!