Friday, 13 December 2013

Book: Texas Outlaw by Adrienne deWolfe

I received a copy of Texas Outlaw from the author in exchange for my review.

Fancy has grown up to a life of crime, but is now being made to feel that 25 is too old to be any use. When the Outlaw group she works with performs a train robbery, she runs into Cord, a Marshal, and the first law man who has ever failed to fall for her charms. When the robbery takes a turn for the worse, Fancy has to make off on her own. Eventually Cord catches up with her, and along with his two younger brothers, Zack and Wes, they start a journey which takes many unexpected turns.

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After having read the Velvet Lies series by Adrienne deWolfe before I was excited to have the opportunity to read Texas Outlaw, and I was not disappointed! I love this book!

The main character, Fancy, is my kind of heroine (as the author said to me that she thought Fancy would be!). She was determined, smart, witty and lets not forget attractive. Ultimately she was a character well ahead of her time. Though she did have a more sensitive side as well, and there was much more to the character than originally meets the eye.

While Fancy was full of tricks and guile, the main lead, Cord, was the opposite, not wanting to lie, cheat or otherwise be dishonest in any aspect of his life. This creates a bit of a contrast and an interesting dynamic between the two leads, particularly when they begin to try outsmarting each other. As well as a romance, Texas Outlaw was a journey of these two characters and the way in which they rub off on each other, with Fancy becoming more fundamentally honest, and Cord becoming more laid back.

One of the things I liked the most about this pairing of characters was the banter and wit that was shared between the two of them. There were several points in the book where I read lines and started to laugh out loud because of what one of them had said!

Though it is a romance, there is also a good deal of action in Texas Outlaw, which would be fairly obvious as the book is about outlaws! This starts from the very first page, and carries on until the final few pages and the race that there ensues.

I loved this book, engaging and enjoyable characters with a fast pace and page turning quality!