Monday, 23 December 2013

Book: Sworn to Conflict by Terah Edun

Book 3 in the Courtlight series. I received a copy of Sworn to Conflict from Netgalley.

Ciardis wakes up having been found on the Northern most edges of the Empire, and the place of a war camp. There she discovers uncomfortable truths about the war and the Empire and why the battle is being fought, and she has to decide what she is going to do about it. Add to that her feelings about Sebastian, and how complicated they are quickly becoming, and she has more than one thing to think about. But wherever she goes Ciardis seems to inspire loyalty, and she has managed to get Frost Giant, Inga, and her guard Kane on her side without much persuasion.

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When I first saw the cover for Sworn to Conflict I will admit to being a bit confused, mainly because the cover doesn't reflect how Ciardis is said to look at all. Having now read the book, I completely understand the cover and why it is what it is, and may I say that the plot line it involves managed to take me completely by surprise! I wasn't expecting that twist at all! I realise that that may all seem a bit cryptic, but it would spoil the surprise if it wasn't!

After her shocking discovery at the end of Sworn to Transfer, that she wasn't the only Weathervane, and she in fact had a twin brother, it will come as no surprise that Ciardris' brother has quite a large role to play in this book. From what you see of him, he is very like Ciardis herself, a bit headstrong and does what he thinks is right, never mind the possible consequences. For a sibling brought into the story quite late I think that he was well pulled off!

The romance in Sworn to Conflict has stepped up a notch or two from Sworn to Raise and Sworn to Transfer with it progressing more from just an unacted upon attraction between Sebastian and Ciardis, to being an acted upon attraction, though they still have a long way to go. I would like to say though, about time! Not for the author to have got to it, but the characters, the story itself hasn't felt dragged out at all, it is just the characters themselves, and their denial, and that is part of what I think makes a great character. The realism about them.

I can't wait for Sworn to Secrecy, I'm really excited for it!