Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Book: The Snow Queen by Alana Albertson

I received a copy of The Snow Queen from Netgalley.

Nieves has been preparing for the role of the Snow Queen in the Nutcracker her whole training life, and 5 years after the disappearance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, she gets the part. When Misha, her idol and retired ballet dancer begins to pay her particular attention, Nieves is thrilled, thinking all her dreams have come true. But her dance partner, Evan, is worried about the progressing relationship of Misha and Nieves and is convinced that Misha has something to do with the disappearances of 5 of the solo ballet dancers over the years. And Evan thinks that Nieves could be next.

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I wanted to read this book for several reasons, first because the cover is stunning! And the story sounded interesting, but in addition to that I wanted to post a Christmassy review on Christmas Day, yet I don't really like purely Christmas a story about the Nutcracker seemed perfect!

And I am so glad that this is the one that I chose! I didn't think it was actually possible for a book to be as freaky and as beautiful as The Snow Queen. The ballet was beautifully described, and as were the (creepy) snow globes.

I thought that the author managed to convey Nieves naivety about Misha really well, yet at the same time make it clear to the reader that there is something off about him, or at least that was the impression that I got! And then there was Evan, who was clearly infatuated by Nieves but never did anything.

There was the element of suspense and mystery in The Snow Queen as well, regarding the disappearance of the ballet dancers, and though I had my suspicions though they weren't actually confirmed or even hinted at until the very last pages. And that also linked to the ending, which I thought was a really good and mysterious!

My one problem with this book would be which genre to put it under! I loved The Snow Queen! Will definitely be looking up more of Albertson's books!