Thursday, 5 December 2013

Book: Rumpleskins by Holly Love

All Gloria wants is to be with Jack and live a simple life, but all that changes when she is sold by her father. The King intends to marry her, believing that she holds the key to the ultimate pleasure. Horrified of what might happen to her when she fails, Gloria is about to give up when she is visited in the night by a mysterious pirate, who proceeds to teach her about how to provide the ultimate pleasure. A month passes and Gloria's wedding day arrives, after she has agreed with the mysterious pirate that one year hence she will spend the night with him. On her wedding night Gloria is surprised by the gentleness of her husband, and what she enjoys. The King and his new Queen grow to love each other. The year passes and the mysterious pirate returns, but in an attempt to avoid her night with him, Gloria makes a new deal. If she can guess his name in three tries then he would leave her alone forever. If Gloria could remember what his tattoo said...

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I feel like I have just written a fairly lengthy synopsis for a short story that is basically a retelling of Rumpelstiltskin! Though this is called an erotica retelling, I didn't read it as such (I'm such a sucker for fairy tale retellings and free ebooks) and I found that in that way, it worked.

Oddly, and despite the sex, I fount that the story, and Gloria in particular, was quite romantic, particularly in comparison to the original tale, which is very much do or die. In this version, Gloria and the King seem to genuinely like each other before the wedding, and after it, it seems to be implied that they have fallen in love. 

Strangely, the King is never named, and is only ever referred to as the King or her husband. This did kind of mean that he didn't take on as much of his own character as the others in the story. 

As to the sex. This ebook contains sexually explicit material and is not suitable for younger readers. There are two pairings of sexual relations in the story, Gloria and the Rumpleskins, and Gloria and the King. I'll deal with the former in a moment, but as to the latter, this was just 'bog standard' sex, nothing different or special about it, and it only happened once. 

But back to Gloria and Rumpleskins. Basically, Rumpleskins is giving Gloria a sexual education (for his own ends of course) and I just found his whole character and actions as creepy. It felt like he was taking advantage of the young and innocent Gloria, when she was in no real position to say no. Add to this that there were certain descriptions of certain body parts that did not make it sound appealing in the slightest, I was just a little creeped out. 

Because of the reasons above, the sex between Gloria and Rumplskins didn't feel like it was there to be erotic, well to me it didn't, I'm sure there may be people out there who might enjoy it. And for that reason it just felt like it was part of a non-erotic story, if that makes any sense. 

All in all an interesting take on Rumpelstiltskin.