Monday, 30 December 2013

Book: The Rumba by Georgia Hill

I received a copy of The Rumba, book 1 of the Say it with Sequins series, from Netgalley.

Julia and Harri are contestants on Who Dare Dance, a rival show to the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing. Julia wants to liven up her flagging career, and Harri wants to go into something completely different. As a twist for the Christmas special the contestants would be dancing with each other, and when Julia and Harri get paired together for the rumba they are equally pleased and dismayed. They both find each other attractive, and the chemistry between them is electiric, but Julia doesn't know if Harri likes her, and Harri has to be careful for a relationship could ruin his career as a children's presenter. But when someone lets slip about their burgeoning relationship, they put all their energies and passion into the rumba, both on and off of the dance floor.

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I absolutely loved this book! Myself and Mum enjoy watching Strictly Come Dancing (my favourites are Suzzanna and Kevin, though I realise by the time this is published the show will be over and they probably won't have won!) and that is what attracted me to this book. After all, there's always a sense of wonder about what really goes on back stage.

The Rumba showed the harder side of the competitiveness, including the dislike that Julia has for her professional dance partner, Jan, and the hardships that the professional dancers actually put their celebrities through.

Though Who Dares Dance is a rival to Strictly Come Dancing in the storyline, there are quite a few paradise and despite some differences in the make up of the characters and settings, I couldn't help but imagine the plot in the Strictly Ballroom, and the three judges sounded just like Craig, Darcy and Len. If you'd asked me whether I would like that before reading The Rumba I think I would probably say no, but the entertainment factor in this book has definitely changed my mind!

Apparently this is a series of three books...and I will be keeping my eye out for the two to come for definite! A really entertaining read with that hint of romance!