Friday, 27 December 2013

Book: The Proposal by Tasmina Perry

I received a copy of The Proposal from the Goodreads First Read program.

Amy is an American dancer living in London and trying to make ends meet by waitressing. One evening she goes to a fancy dinner with her boyfriend Daniel and she discovers that he and his family look down on her for just being a dancer. After breaking up, and going to her friends, Amy ends up emailing Georgia, a lady in her seventies who has advertised for a travelling companion for a trip to New York. Told in parallel is Georgia's story as a debutante in 1958, and the drama that came with it.

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Oh my goodness. I actually cried. I've said books have made me emotional in the past, but not to this level. The ending of this book was in one way devastating, and in another way it was so happily emotional. I'm not really sure how to express my feelings about it, other than you HAVE to read this book!

There are two amazing female characters in this book, Amy and Georgia, both of which are strong women who go for what they want and damn the consequences. I liked how though both of them were in love, they didn't have to have those men in their lives to make them happy, and without them they just go get what they want.

The way that the stories intertwined was so clever, though there was a storyline in 1958 and in 2012, it was always clear which of the two women the story was following, and it was still possible to get invested in both of the stories and characters.

I absolutely loved this book, I don't think that I expected to enjoy it anywhere near as much as it did, but wow. Every girl should read this book!