Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Book: Paranormal Pleasures by Roxanne Rhoads

I received a copy of Paranormal Pleasures by being a tour host for Bewitching Blog Tours.

Paranormal Pleasures is a selection of ten paranormal erotica stories revolving around the world of demons, witches, vampires and ghosts (not to forget other paranormal beings!) Warning though, this book contains frequent scenes of a sexual nature.

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After reading the first couple of stories I was feeling a bit disappointed by the collection offered in Paranormal Pleasures, at that point it seemed that the focus was totally on sex, and there was very little related to the paranormal mentioned either. The first few seemed to be a bit repetitive too, though that could have been me/the mood I was in at that point!

BUT after the first few stories things really seemed to pick up. There was still a focus on sex, but I felt that there was also more of a focus on the stories behind the characters as well. And it added to the lore, which has me very intrigued I must admit! The way that the powers of the various paranormal beings seem to work well and differently from what I have come across before. I'd love to see something less sex focused and longer based on the lore Rhoads has created!

There were two stories that particularly stood out for me, and those were the two that I felt most focused around the love story, and those were the story between Renata and Tony, and the final story which told the story of Daniel and Vicki. Something that I did notice about the stories was that quite a lot of the relationships and partnerships were between characters of different paranormal races. Just thought that was worth mentioning!

So Paranormal Pleasures offered a slow start, but by the end I found that I was appreciating the uniqueness of some of the lore concepts quite a lot.