Friday, 13 December 2013

Book: Insatiable by Scarlet Chill

Ella is engaged to Prince Ruark, and all she wants is for him to take advantage of her and fulfill her sexual needs, and yet he won't. Then one night her 'Fairy Seductress' gives her a potion that will make her irresistible to Ruark and makes her confident enough to get what she wants. What proceeds is the couple letting go of their inhibitions and enjoying each others company.

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The entirety of Insatiable contains scenes of a sexually explicit nature.

I'll be honest, there doesn't seem to be a lot for me to say about Insatiable. I normally love fairy tale retellings, which is why I wanted to give this one a go, but the thing about this book was that the main focus was on sex. Well really the only focus was on sex.

In case it isn't clear, and I don't think it is from what I have written so far, Insatiable is a retelling of Cinderella. Though there wasn't actually many elements of the story that were included apart from the fairy seductress and that Ella lived with her evil step mother (and father).

The only thing that I did think was somewhat interesting was the revelation that the elixir that Ella took to make her more appealing was actually just sugar, and the entirety of what she did was on her back. Basically its a bit of a placebo effect.

All in all I thought that this was a let down. Not the type of fairy tale retelling that I like.