Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Book: Infection by John Sheridan

Infection is book one of the Lust Virus series.

Amy and Hayden are the two crew members on a ship that searches for other inhabitable planets. After the heating system broke, leavbing them too hot, they are left wearing very few clothes. 37 year old Amy never though that a man would become inflicted with the Lust Virus because of her, so imagine her surprise when 20 year old Hayden's eyes start to turn red. The Lust Virus only effects men, and only when they think 'naughty' thoughts about a woman they care for. Once infected by the virus they must have sex with that woman or they will have a heart attack and die. The virus was created as a way to ensure that men remained faithful to one woman.

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I was surprised at what the story of Infection actually was, from the description it sounded much more dystopian (which is a genre I can't get enough of!) and less revolved around sex. Due to the premise I did expect there to be sex, just not quite as much as there was.

So here is the warning. Infection contains scene of a sexually explicit nature, though there is no mention of any fetishes or anything that could be seen as 'hardcore'.

Personally, I found the premise to be interesting and to have a lot of potential for development and an interesting story arc, shame that the first book didn't deliver but I wouldn't say all hope is lost. Having read a great number of books and stories of the dystopian variety (which due to the controlling of men through the virus, this could be classed as, at the moment I am classifying Infection as sci-fi, though I reserve the right to change my mind) and I am yet to find one in which women are in charge. If you know of one then please recommend it to me!!

So from this angle, the Lust Virus series could be interesting, but due to the short length of Infection I am reserving judgement for the moment.

Judging the book by its cover: I am a little confused by this cover and how it relates to the story it must be said!