Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Book: Dark Hearts by Amos Cassidy

I received a copy of Dark Hearts in exchange for my review.

Dark Hearts is a selection of short stories with a paranormal theme by the authors +Amos Cassidy. You get everything, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, witches, and even a succubus!

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I haven't really read any short story collections before, but now that I have read this one I think that I need to start reading more of them! Because all eight of these short stories were paranormal, I spent my reading time trying to guess what character was what species in what story (this really did amuse me while reading! And I was right some of the time!)

Though I enjoyed all of the stories, there were three that particularly stood out for me. But this is where I have to make a reading confession, because I can't tell you the names of either of those stories. When I'm reading, I tend to ignore what chapters are called, and this seems to be true of short story titles too, so basically I register a change in story but not the story's name.

Anyway, the first story that stood out for me was also the first in the collection. It was told from 21 year old Cassie's viewpoint and I must say that the direction that this story took surprised me more than once (though once was because I incorrectly guessed the paranormal creature!) and the ending, well there was no way I was seeing that one coming!

The second story that stood out was the last story of the collection, and that followed Viola and her unrequainted love for her best friend. It then goes on to tell about what happened when she discovered that her love was unrequainted (trust me it was not good!). I thought that this story had a lot that could be expanded upon more!

But the story that I most want to know more about was that of Daria. With her story it very much felt like that chapter was closed, but there was so much more that was going to happen in her life! I really hope that we get to see more of her (HINT!), I'd certainly read a full length book of her!

Basically, I loved it all!