Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Book: Broadway Deathtrap by Tracy Cooper-Posey

I received a copy of Broadway Deathtrap as a free gift when signing up to a newsletter.

Having busted his knee, ending his career as a dancer, Ben is now a cop, and is one day called to a theatre to investigate a murder. Once there he discovers that the chief witness is Bree, the lead dancer in a new production, and Ben's former flatmate. Having wanted each other for years the couple finally give in to their baser needs. Leaving Bree sleeping, Ben goes to discover more about the murder, he figures it out, meaning that he then has to race to save the woman that he has already let go of once.

Broadway Deathtrap contains scenes of a sexually explicit nature as a part of the story line, and is therefore not suitable for younger readers.

In general I would say that I prefer the female characters in the books that I read as opposed to the male ones, but in this case I found that Ben was actually my preferred character to Bree, though I think that could simply be because more page time was given over to him and his characterisation. Saying that, for a novella I thought that the characterisation of both of the lead characters managed to get pretty deep in the number of pages.

I will admit to being slightly surprised by how much I actually enjoyed this book, particularly as it is very rare that I read a book set in the contemporary world without any magic or paranormal elements, and so when i enjoy them I get a little surprised! But there was so much more to this book than just sex, which adds to its depth!

The story line is the well known love lost and love found again, so if that is the kind of thing that you are looking for then this is a good book to go for!