Thursday, 12 December 2013

Book: Beauty's Beasts by Tracy Cooper-Posey

I received a copy of Beauty's Beasts from Netgalley.

Tally and Carson's daughter, Riley, grew up in the foster care system after her parents were killed hunting demons. Years later, vampires Nick and Damion, who helped to raise Tally, find Riley and recruit her to help defeat the Stonebrood Clan once more. Upon meeting the two vampires, Riley feels an instant attraction to them both, and feels a clash of emotions as they both show an interest. All the while the trio have to make sure that Riley is trained, and that they have a plan to defeat the Stonebrood Clan once and for all.

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Beauty's Beasts was a longer and much more plot detailed book than any of the other paranormal books that I have read by Cooper-Posey, and I found that I enjoyed it all the more because of that. The longer length meant that the characters, as well as the plot, got more development.

As the main female character, and the main human character, Riley was introduced to the world of vampires and demons. The only real issue that I had was how quickly she actually accepted that it all existed, but saying that, the fact that she did actually became quite an important part of the plot, and the relationships she had. Because her acceptance was brought up as a plot point, I don't think it bothered me as much as it normally would.

The focus of the story was split two ways; on destroying the gargoyles and the demon, and the brewing romance. Though you would be able to understand the story without having read the previous book, Carson's Night, I do think that the first book includes some insights, mainly about Nick and Damion's complicated relationship, which gives readers an advantage. Then adding Riley into the mix makes the dynamics between the two vampires particularly interesting.

It is probably worth mentioning that Beauty's Beasts contains some scenes of a sexual nature. I enjoyed this book, both the characters and the action were well worth a read!