Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Blog Tour: Star of Bethlehem by Sarah Daltry

Star of Bethlehem is a novella from the Flowering series (after Forget Me Not and/or Lily of the Valley). I received a copy of Star of Bethlehem in exchange for my review as a part of this blog tour.

It is New Years Eve, and Jack is about to meet Lily's family for the first time. The nerves are high on both sides, though Lily refuses to change anything if her family don't like him, but she knows that Jack needs them to. Things are made even more tense when Derek shows up, and shows a side of him that Lily doesn't remember him ever having.

I love Jack and Lily! And the series, I don't think I could possibly find anything bad to say about the series, and its not even one of the genres that I read a lot of (though I do read an increasing amount of romance now a days, it really depends on my mood, I'll be honest). What the Flowering Series as a whole always manages to do though, is to cheer me up! After reading Jack and Lily's story, you can't help but feel happy.

For anyone that hasn't read any of the Flowering series yet, the books contain scenes of a sexually explicit nature, though Star of Bethlehem was a lot less kinky than the scenes in Forget Me Not and Lily of the Valley. I don't find any of that an issue, in fact, if Lily and Jack didn't have sex I think that I would find it odd, its just not realistic for a couple their age to be celibate.

But even though there is sex, that isn't what the book is about, instead you have the sweetness of the progression of Lily and Jack's relationship, and the problems that face them, both individually and together. That really is one of the things that I love about these books, the problems and issues facing Jack and Lily are so real, and they overcome them in a real way, there are no super powers or epic adventures, instead it is just the story of two people in love.

If you haven't read any of the Flowering series yet, then I don't know why not, get yourself back to the beginning and read! And personally, I can't wait for Orange Blossom to be released so I can read it!

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