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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Sun Poisoned by Nikki Rae

I received a copy of Sun Poisoned in exchange for my review.

Having moved to New York with her boyfriend, Myles, and her bandmates Boo and Trei, Sophie has started a new life filled with her passion; music. But embroiled in that life is the paranormal that she became part of via Myles, and his enemy Micheal. At first it has very little baring on her life, other than the fact that when they get close Myles' fangs come out, but slowly her world becomes more and more affected, ending in her having to make a life changing decision.

Having just finished my main response is that it really can't end there, and that I really, really hope that there is a third book, because I don't think that I could stand there not being! Sometimes, sequels are a let down, but this one most definitely wasn't, there is a possibility that it was even better than the first one! Though they were both amazing books!

I thought that overall there seemed to be much more of the paranormal elements in Sun Poisoned than in Sunshine, but that would make sense as now you know straight off that Myles (and some of his friends) are vampires, and that that doesn't mean they go around killing people. I wouldn't say that they were 'friendly' vampires though, even though they don't go around hurting people (well most of them) and they live pretty normal lives, I didn't feel that they were as fake as some modern vampires (like those from Twilight, pretty sure most readers have gathered I am not a fan of that series!) It was a lot easier to see them as human characters.

The ending: well I expected something similar to happen somewhere in the book, but this was not the ending that I was expecting to happen! Not in the slightest, and I didn't think that it would end so suddenly! Hence my expressed desire for a third book!

I was unsure while reading whether I would want to class this as Young Adult or New Adult, though it wasn't full of sex scenes (and with an emotionally scarred character such as Sophie narrating, it would be unrealistic for there to be any), but there was a depth to it that you don't really find in Young Adult books, though most of the themes weren't quite as disturbing as the first book (for example - spoilers for book 1, there are no descriptions of Sophie self-harming, and no in depth mentions of the abuses she suffered at the hands of her old piano teacher, and her ex-boyfriend Jack). But still, there was something mature about this book, and I liked that! It made such a difference from most vampire books these days.

Having now read both of these books I think its pretty safe to say that I love this series, and will definitely be keeping an eye out for more!

Question of the day! 
Quite a few of the characters have unusual coloured if you could dye your hair any colour (other than traditional hair colours!) what would it be?

Book Details:

Sun Poisoned (Sunshine #2)
by Nikki Rae
Release Date: June 28th, 2013


Sophie’s life has changed. She’s moved to New York, she’s playing music for new people, and she’s making new friends. Then there’s Myles, and the fact that he is now her boyfriend—and everyone knows it.

She’s not exactly normal, living in a half-human, half-vampire world, but she’s finally, truly happy. However, some parts of Sophie and Myles’ old lives still hide in the dark, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

Sophie’s having nightmares again, but they aren't about her; Myles is hiding something as well, something Sophie isn’t sure she wants to know.

And one lie will change everything.

No matter how hard she tries to cover up the marks her monsters have left behind, they never truly go away, and Myles’ monsters are no different.

Once again, Sophie’s caught between life and death, but this time, only she can save herself.

Sunshine (Sunshine #1)
by Nikki Rae
Release Date: June 28th, 2013


18 year old Sophie Jean is pretty good at acting normal. Sure, she’s not exactly happy, but happiness is nothing compared to being like everyone else. She can pretend she’s not allergic to the sun. She can hide what her ex-boyfriend did to her. She can cover up the scars she’s made for herself. Ignore anything. Forget anything. Then Myles enters her life, and he has more than a few secrets of his own. When accident after accident keeps happening to Sophie, she can’t help noticing that he’s everywhere. That he knows too much. That she’s remembering too much.

It’s one thing covering up her own dark past, but does she really need to worry about people finding out just how much Myles likes her? Or that despite how much she doesn’t want to repeat past mistakes, she kind of likes him back? Not to mention the fact that she now has to conceal that Myles drinks blood-that he says he’s about four hundred years old.

She almost forgot about that part.

But Sophie has no plans to ruin the normal life she has created for herself. She can deal with this little glitch, no problem. Even if word has gotten around to the wrong vampire about Sophie and Myles, even if she’s putting the few people she loves at risk. Suddenly, those who were monsters before are just people, and the monsters? They’re real. Now being a normal human being is the least of her problems. Now she has to stay alive.


About the author: NIKKI RAE

Nikki Rae is a student and writer who lives in New Jersey. She is an independent author and has appeared numerously on Amazon Best Seller lists. She is the author of The Sunshine Series and concentrates on making her imaginary characters as real as possible. She writes mainly dark, scary, romantic tales, but she’ll try anything once. When she is not writing, reading, or thinking, you can find her spending time with animals, drawing in a quiet corner, or studying people. Closely.


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