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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Eyrie by Emma Michaels

I received a copy of Eyrie in exchange for my review as a part of this blog tour.

Iris is an Owlet, and a powerful one at that. But she thinks different from the others of her kind, believing that all of them are born equal. In Iris' world each of her kind has two halves to their soul, an Aves and a human half, and depending which Aves a person has, they have different abilities. No one knows who Iris is yet, or that she even does, yet for her to be able to change the future of her kind they need to, and she needs to gain the power that is her birth right.

Firstly I would just like to point out just how beautiful that cover is! It is absolutely stunning! I would also like to point out that this is book 2 of the Society of Feathers series (which I hadn't realised when I signed up). Having not read the first book I would say that this book can be read as a stand alone, I didn't feel in the dark about anything or that I was missing out. But saying that I believe that at some point I will read the first book because this one really drew me in and I think that I would enjoy it!

The mythology behind the half-aves, half-humans was interesting and complex, with a whole culture created around it, including a slightly new take on what happens on the Isle of Wight (somewhere I have never actually been!)

As a main character I liked Iris, she had flaws, some of which, like her asthma, could prove to be fatal to her, and yet she is still determined to make a difference in the world. There does seem to be a great deal of conviction behind the character and I am hoping that that means that the third book will focus on her political power (because she has no physical power) which is something that always tends to interest me in books. The one thing that I did find slightly frustrating about Iris was that at times she seemed to be super dependent on Falcon.

I really enjoyed Eyrie, it was different from anything else that I have read and I am looking forward to finding out more about the universe!

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Eyrie Summary

Somewhere between falling and flying…you will find the truth. 

The truth is being unveiled and Iris’ past is unlike anything she ever could have guessed. For Stryx, finding your missing half doesn’t always mean finding your mate. Iris has been missing a part of herself for so long that no one is sure she will be able to put the pieces back together and her ever reliable dreams may be forcing her astray. Coping with the death of someone she loved, she is forced to face the truth and break free from the lies that have caged her.
Emma Michaels' Bio:
Emma Michaels is the author of the ‘A Sense of Truth’ and ‘Society of Feathers’ series. Her goal with her latest YA series the 'Society of Feathers' is to give others what she did not have growing up; a strong female protagonist with asthma.  While her previous aspiration was to be a lady knight she realized that not being able to run more than a few feet might become a hindrance so turned to writing instead. Her day jobs include being a cover artist, marketing consultant and silk screen designer.

As the founder of The Writers Voice blog ( she loves to connect authors and readers. As a book blogger turned author, she was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, until she moved at eighteen to Washington State. Suddenly, the world was a new place filled with tall green trees that reached further for the sky with every moment, making her want to do the same. Ever since, she has tried to make her life something new and different from what it was before, pursuing her future career, setting high goals and reaching for them. With the support of her fiancé, Chihuahua, and her amazing blog followers and fellow bloggers, she wants to prove to the world that anything is possible and help inspire fellow literary lovers to reach for their dreams.

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance
ISBN: 9780985792244
Pages: 158
Release: October 13, 2012
Publisher: Tribute Books

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