Thursday, 7 November 2013

Travel & Culture Week: Once Upon A Road Trip by Angela N Blount

I am very grateful to have received a copy of Once Upon a Road Trip from the author.

At 18, Angeli doesn't really know what she wants to do with her life. So plucking up her courage she embarks on a road trip, stopping with people that she met on the internet (and vetted!) Only planning how to get there and when, Angeli encounters challenges at almost every stop, whether that is facing the idea of falling in love, how to tell a friend she's worried about them or that she has simply got lost.

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First of all, before I read this book, the author did 'warn' me that rather than a traditional travel book, Once Upon a Road Trip had a certain fiction feel to it. And I agree, in places it does. Despite this being a non-fiction book, and based upon true events, the flow is like that of a story. Though I admit, this may not be for everyone, I loved it! It made the book easy to read, and exciting.

I also liked the fact that after each 'section' of fiction like writing, there were actual quotes from Angela's travel journal, meaning that you got the notes that the book was written off. Even in these sections, which were written when the author was younger, you can see the talent for writing. The book, and both sections just flow so easily and well.

I think that Blount has managed to capture people's personalities really well, if this was fiction then I would have said that her characters had a real depth, but as it isn't, it just means that she has painted a caricature with words that is both believable and three dimensional.

I absolutely loved this book, and if anyone has never read a travel book before, then I think that Once Upon a Road Trip could easily bridge the gap between fiction, and non-fiction.

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