Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Travel & Culture Week: Blossoming in Provence by Kristin Espinasse

I was lucky enough to receive a (signed) copy of Blossoming in Provence in exchange for my review as a part of Travel & Culture Week.

Kristin Espinasse is an American, married to a French man and living in France, along with their two children. Inspired by her blog, French Word A Day, she developed Blossoming in Provence which tells every day stories of life as a foreigner married and living in a different country.

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This book was a really enjoyable read, it was easy to read, insightful, amusing and entertaining. Though the chapters are short, they are full of information, and you certainly don't feel like you're missing out!

I feel that I did have a slight advantage being able to speak French myself, as I didn't have to stop and look up the words in the list at the end of each chapter, but because there was a list at the end of each chapter, I didn't feel that that was a massive disadvantage. Anyone would be able to understand everything because of the way in which Espinasse has laid out her book.

I absolutely loved having the word at the beginning of each chapter (I even learnt a new word - crotte), I thought that it was a good tie in with the author's blog, as well as telling you what each chapter was about. In the case of the words at the beginning of each chapter (and some others) there is also a phonetic pronunciation written, making it even easier to understand!

The stories that Espinasse told in her book, about her life, were all well written in an interesting, and often times amusing manner, there were many times when I went to myself 'that is so French!', especially as I lived there I can relate, though I think that if anyone has been to France, they will be able to find something in this book for themselves!

A really fun, enjoyable read!

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