Thursday, 28 November 2013

Serial: Unnatural Desire by Zachary Bonelli

Unnatural Desire is the second installment of the +Insomnium serial. I received a copy of Unnatural Desire from the author in exchange for my review. Nel, Gin and Rev are still searching for a way out of Nowhere, and plan on doing so by finding out what the Wanderer knows. Thinking they have a way in using Gin's nanites, they accidentally get captured and are put into a maze full of sexual desires. It is here that Nel finally lets Gin know how he has been feeling about her, and in the end it is up to Rev to save them.
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Unnatural Desire sees Bonelli's return to commenting on issues of a social nature, namely those relating to sexuality. I thought that this was an interesting contrast to the focus more on the ethics of technology that he often commented on in the +Voyage: Embarkation serial. 

As the three central characters are all from different versions of Earth, which have varying amounts of social development, they each have very different views and experiences, which almost act as different sides of the argument. I've never felt that Bonelli has tried to force views on his readers, instead I think that he simply brings issues to the fore front of his readers' minds. 

I'm still finding that Insomnium has a very different tone and feel from Bonelli's other works, though I'm not saying that I'm not enjoying it! I'm just enjoying it in a different way to the other works. 

One thing that I am particularly liking is the introduction of a female central character,as this allows me to relate to a character straight off. Saying that, I have always tended to find that Bonelli's characters are much more fluid than most, and there should be something in one of them for anyone to be able to relate to! 

I'm intrigued by the developing romance between Nel and Gin. Though they haven't known each other very long, there is a believable attraction between them,. I'll be honest, I just love having a romance story mixed into the genres I read, I feel a little bit lost without one! 

The cliffhanger at the end has certainly left me wanting more! 

Apologies for the somewhat strange formatting at the beginning of the review, for some reason the book cover graphic did not want to behave! 

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