Thursday, 21 November 2013

Serial: Ludo by Zachary Bonelli

Ludo is the 14th and final episode of the serial +Voyage: Embarkation. I received a copy of Ludo from the author in exchange for my honest review.

On returning to Felis, Kal and Tria discover a disaster, the cats are yowling in pain. Finding that someone has messed with their genetic data, Kal works quickly to turn them back into themselves, but hidden in their genetic data, Tria finds the coordinates of a realm. Correctly identifying the coordinates as an invite, Kal and Tria travel to the mysterious realm and are confronted by the person who has been intent on taking Kal down, and trying to frame him for genocide.

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This episode finally answered the question of who Kal's enemy is, and to an extent why he has an enemy, though as with many bad guys the reason is actually pretty minor and none existent, just blown out of proportion. Which is pretty much a given considering Kal left Earth when he was 12. Saying that the question of who Kal's enemy is is solved isn't the same as saying that the enemy is vanquished, and this has been left open for the second Voyage serial (which I am going to be very impatient about until it is released!)

I thought that this was a good ending to the Voyage Embarkation serial, though it has left some things open, it has answered enough questions to satisfy and left enough questions unanswered for me to be excited for the next one!

A note on Voyage Embarkation as a whole:

Each episode has been unique, entertaining and engaging, with each story being complete and yet adding more to the over all story line. There is everything that you could want in a story, plenty of adventure, friendship, humour and not to forget some sort of love story (I'm saying some sort of because Kal seems to date quite a few people rather than having a single love interest).

I'm actually really sad to have finished reading Kal's story, and excited for the next installment in the Voyage series. I'm just very glad that I have access to Bonelli's next serial, Insomnium, so that I can get my serial fix!