Monday, 11 November 2013

Serial: Liberty by Zachary Bonelli

Liberty is the 12th episode of the +Voyage: Embarkation serial. I received a copy of Liberty from the author in exchange for my review.

Kal and Tria have been avoiding worlds with nanotechnology, but when they discover the small amounts of radiation on Gelkur, they decide to investigate. On arriving, Kal discovers that his pad has been overtaken by ValYou's own nanites, which are controlled by the ValYou corporation. Cut off from Tria, Kal gets a programming job, which allows him to have value, whilst he lives and works on cracking the code on his pad, to return home. But ValYou is far from idealistic, and Kal struggles to come to terms with the way in which society there works.

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What can I say! Bonelli has done it again, the world which he has created is once more a unique and interesting look at human nature. All whilst maintaining his characters and overall story arc.

Tria was forced to take a back seat in Liberty because of his dependence on the corrupted pad, which allowed there to be more focus on other secondary characters. It also allowed Kal's thoughts relating to Tria to really come into focus, including his worry about his brother. I thought this was good as it really showed how the relationship between the brothers has bloomed.

The secondary characters in Liberty were interesting, you had both sides of the argument over an all controlling state, the person who loves the state, and the person who pretended to love the state. This created different interactions for Kal, and allowed a look into his feelings about the state.

The state itself was an interesting concept, and is basically the idea that consumerism could become more of a driving force than governments. I think the concept of that is really interesting, particularly as the large company ValYou is in charge of everything, and everything costs. There was also the idea of everything being lent to you, and you not actually owning anything. Once again it was amazing how well the concept was developed in such a small word count!

I feel like my review hasn't been quite as eloquent as normal, and I apologise for that, just as I sat down to write my review the fire alarm went off, meaning a nice wait outside in the cold distracting me. Oh the joys of living back in student accommodation. If you haven't checked out Voyage Embarkation yet then you are crazy! Go get a copy now!

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