Friday, 22 November 2013

Book: Succubus Unleashed by B R Kingsolver

Succubus Unleashed is book 2 in the Telepathic Clans series. I received a copy of Succubus Unleashed from the author in exchange for my review.

Brenna has had time to get used to her new role as a Succubus and now has enjoys a life with her friends and family, fully accepting of what she is. But there's still problems going on with the prostitution ring, particularly the desire of the ring to kidnap succubuses, making Brenna's security tighter than ever. When a trip to Europe surprises everyone with the outcomes.

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Just like with the other two books I've read from B R Kingsolver (Broken Dolls and The Succubus Gift) I absolutely loved this book, everything about it is just so well balanced, the characters, the plot line, the legends behind the powers. The whole thing is just so well thought out and described that it draws you in. It is one of those books that is a complete pleasure to read and doesn't feel like an effort at all!

One thing I particularly liked with the other two books was the characters, and this one didn't fail to deliver on that front either. Because most of the characters were introduced in the previous book, there was a lot more time spent on development in this one, particularly of Brenna, but developments were also evident in Rebecca, Collin and Irina.

There was quite a bit of development time given to Brenna and Collin's relationship as well, which was something that I was excited to see more of, and that included experimenting around with powers (and leading to a discovery that make the succubuses very happy!) and when they wanted to get properly serious. The relationship between them seems to really work because of how the author has built the characters themselves as well as their relationship.

On that note, there are scenes of a sexual nature throughout Succubus Unleashed, as well as some pretty liberal attitudes towards sex. None of which bothered me I may add, but for some people it may be uncomfortable, and so I provide warning.

Though this book did seem to be more focused on Brenna's advancement in her personality and as a succubus, there was still plenty of excitement and action (as in of the none sexual kind) which definitely keep you reading! I would most definitely recommend this series to people!

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