Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Book: Drawing Closer by Jenny Schwartz

I received a copy of Drawing Closer from the publisher.

Zoe and Nick are both artists sharing a studio. Unbeknownst to each other, they each have a secret, they want the other person but are scared of being rejected by them. Nick invites Zoe away with him, but plans are ruined after Nick's ex, Hannah, turns up, trying to blackmail him and his father.

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I want more! That is the first thought that comes into my head after finishing Drawing Closer! The relationship between Zoe and Nick is so sweet that I really wanted to know more about it! The end of the book just snuck up on me!

Though this is a novella, the author has gone about the story in a way that makes it seem as if there were far more pages, meaning that her characters were much more detailed than you would expect. Though the cast was small, the focus on the depths of Zoe and Nick's feelings for each other was centre, with it certainly going deeper than just physical attraction.

The issue of Hannah did seem to be wrapped up pretty easily all things considered, though as that wasn't the main focus of the story I can totally forgive that!

Drawing Closer was a quick, easy and romantic read, that I thoroughly enjoyed!

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