Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Book: The Dining Club by Marina Anderson

I received a copy of The Dining Club from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Grace thinks that her sexy new lover, David, is perfect for her, but then he takes her to the Dining Club, and she is surprised to learn of his darker side. At the Dining Club, Grace must pass 4 tasks in order to retain David's affection, and in the process she finds out things about her sexuality that she'd never before realised.

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Please take fair warning, The Dining Club contains scenes of a sexual nature, including 'harder' sex scenes than many books. And it makes up the basis of the storyline, which happens at the actual Dining Club.

I enjoyed the story itself, and the character of Grace becoming more independent and confident in herself, but some of the plot line just perplexed me. I mean I don't know why someone like Grace, successful, confident etc. would put up with being treated like David treated her. Its one thing saying that she enjoys stuff she didn't think she would, and I'm sure that is the case for many people, but it was the relationship side itself that I struggled to grasp.

Similarly Andrew and Amber's motives just seemed a bit odd, and the way they went about it even odder. Ultimately it just seemed a bit strange.

If you're after a sexy read, then this is probably for you, but unfortunately I found that the characters fell a bit flat, and as the characters are the thing I relate to and enjoy the most about reading, this wasn't really the book for me.

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