Sunday, 3 November 2013

Book: Crimson Dawn by Amos Cassidy

Crimson Dawn is the third book in the Crimson series, the first two (Crimson Midnight and Crimson Darkness I have reviewed on this blog).

After having the power take over her body and kidnap her to Faerie,  Rose has taken on an incorporeal form with Rune. She is determined to get her body back, as are her friends. But as well as wanting to vanquish the power there are conflicting emotions about love, Rose has to find out who her heart really belongs to, Rune or Roman...

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 Anyone who has read my previous reviews on the Crimson series will not be surprised by the way that this review goes...because once again I loved this book. And what is even better is that it kept surprising me! The ending was not what I expected it to be, and some of the choices that the characters made aren't the ones I thought they would (looking particularly at Faye and Rose here!) though the choices did make sense.

There are a few questions answered in Crimson Dawn, though of course there are even more raised! The main answer you get is the reveal of just who Rose's father is (I had an inkling early on when the character in question said a certain thing but didn't know for sure until later). I liked that as a twist, it worked well on a lot of levels!

As with the other two books, Crimson Dawn contains sexually explicit scenes and is not suitable for younger readers, though I found it interesting that more of the sex in this book was related to negative emotions and situations rather than just sex.

There was a lot of anguish for the characters in Crimson Dawn, though you could say that they are ridiculously lucky because of the amount of times that they manage to avoid death, no one could say that the path was easy for them. I can't think of one character that didn't have a large emotional mountain to climb in the book.

The other thing I wanted to note was that I liked the way in which the authors approached the world finding out about supernaturals, it wasn't all against them, and it wasn't all for them. The vampires suffered the most, but others all had to deal with it. To me it just seemed like a particularly realistic way of looking at it!

If you haven't read any of the Crimson series yet, then what are you waiting for!!! Go READ!

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