Monday, 25 November 2013

Book: The Clearing by Shalini Boland

The Clearing is the second book in the Outside series. I received a copy of The Clearing from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Having returned from their adventures in Outside, Luc and Riley think that the worst in store for them is the trouble they are in for going. But when Fred and Jessie turn up at their perimeter they find out that James Grey survived and is mounting an attack in the hope of gaining control of the south of England. Meanwhile, kidnapped at 7, Lissy has lived under Grey's regime for 9 years, all the while dreaming of escape.

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Like Outside, The Clearing is full of action and adventure, especially as the majority of the characters have already been introduced. So for most of the characters it was a case of carrying on their story rather than developing them as people, though they were doing this as well but introductions weren't quite as necessary.

Saying that, as can be expected, there are some new characters, the most notable ones being Liss and her friend Annabelle, as well as her brother FJ. These characters give the reader a deeper incite into Grey's regime, especially after Luc and Riley just scratched the surface in their time there, and the idea and plans for Liss and Annabelle's rescue or escape (depending how down Liss was feeling) seemed to make up a large proportion of the storyline.

I did sometimes find it difficult to remember that the characters were so young, particularly as they all seem to act a lot older than their 16 - 18 years. Though I think that ultimately this could be put down as a consequence of them living in post apocalyptic, war-torn Britain.

I do remember saying in my review of Outside that I really liked how subtle the love story between Luc and Riley was and that has continued into this book. There's no love triangle, which is very refreshing for this genre of book. The pair of them basically haven't progressed past liking each other, and at times I wanted to yell at them to realise what the other person felt!

The Clearing is action packed, with well balanced characters and has me excited to read The Perimeter! (Though the review of which is also posted today, I did read the books about a week a part in reality!)